Section J: Students

JB Equal Education OpportunitiesJB-E Notification Statement of Equal Educational OpportunitiesJBB Sexual HarassmentJBB-R Sexual Harassment (Grievance Procedure)JEA Compulsory Attendance AgesJEB Entrance Age RequirementsJF School Admissions to / Withdrawals from schoolJF-E Admission and Denial of AdmissionJFAB/JFABA Admission of Nonresident Students/Tuition ChargesJFABB Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign StudentsJFABB-R Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign StudentsJFABD Homeless StudentsJFBA Intra-District Choice/Open EnrollmentJFBA-R Intra-District Choice/Open EnrollmentJFBB Inter-District Choice/Open EnrollmentJFBB-R Inter-District Choice/Open EnrollmentJFBB-E Nonresident Student Attendance Request FormJFC Student Withdrawal from School/DropoutsJFC-R Student Withdrawal from School/DropoutsJFCG Tobacco Use by StudentsJFG Interrogation and SearchesJGA Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade LevelsJGA-R Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels(And Recognition of Transfer Credit from Non-Accredited Schools)JH Student Absences and ExcusesJHB TruancyJHD Exclusion and Exemptions from School AttendanceJHD-E Exclusion and Exemptions from School AttendanceJIC Student ConductJICA Student Dress CodeJICC Student Conduct on School BusesJICC-R Bus Rider RulesJICDA Code of ConductJICDD Violent and Aggressive BehaviorJICDE Bullying Prevention and EducationJICEA Student Publications (And Distribution of Literature)JICEA-R Student Publications (Code)JICEC Student Distribution of Non-curricular MaterialsJICEC-R Student Distribution of Non-curricular MaterialsJICED Student Expression RightsJICF Secret Societies/Gang ActivityJICF-R Secret Societies/Gang ActivityJICG Use of Tobacco by StudentsJICH Drug and Alcohol Use by StudentsJICH-R Drug and Alcohol Use by StudentsJICI Weapons in SchoolJICJ Use of Cell Phones and PagersJID Students of Legal AgeJIE/JIG Pregnant/Married StudentsJIH Student Interrogations, Searches and ArrestsJIHB Parking Lot SearchesJII Student Complaints and GrievancesJII-R Student Complaints and GrievancesJII-E Student Grievance FormJJ Student Activities (Co-curricular and Extracurricular)JJA Student Organizations (Secondary Schools)JJB Student Social EventsJJE Student Fund-Raising ActivitiesJJF Student Activities FundsJJH Student TravelJJI Interscholastic AthleticsJJI-R Rules and Procedures for Students Participating in AthleticsJJJ Extracurricular Activity EligibilityJJJ-R Extracurricular Activity EligibilityJK Student DisciplineJK-2 Discipline of Students with DisabilitiesJK-R Student DisciplineJKA Use of Physical InterventionJKA-R Use of Physical InterventionJKBA Disciplinary Removal from ClassroomJKBA-R Disciplinary Removal from ClassroomJKD/JKE Suspension/Expulsion of StudentsJKD/JKE-E Grounds for Suspension/ExpulsionJKD/JKE-R Suspension/Expulsion of StudentsJKD/JKE-2 Suspension/Expulsion of Handicapped StudentsJKF Educational Alternatives for Expelled StudentsJKF-R Educational Alternative For Expelled StudentsJKG Expulsion PreventionJLA Student Accident InsuranceJLC Student Health Services and RequirementsJLCA Physical Examinations of StudentsJLCB Immunization of StudentsJLCB-R Immunization of StudentsJLCC Communicable/Infectious DiseasesJLCCA Students with HIV/AIDSJLCCA-R Students with HIV/AIDSJLCD Administering Medicines to StudentsJLCD-R Administering Medicines to StudentsJLCD-E Permission for MedicationJLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical CareJLCE-R First Aid and Emergency Medical Care – RegulationJLCE-E First Aid and Emergency Medical Care Card - ExhibitJLCEA Students with Special Health NeedsJLCEA-1 “Do Not Resuscitate” RequestJLCEA-R Students with Special Health NeedsJLCG Medicaid ReimbursementJLCG-E Medicaid ReimbursementJLDAC Screening/Testing of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders)JLF Reporting Child Abuse/Child ProtectionJLF-R Reporting Child Abuse/Child ProtectionJLF-E Child Abuse Reporting FormJLIA Supervision of StudentsJLIB Student Dismissal PrecautionsJLIB-R Student Dismissal PrecautionsJLIB-E Parent/Guardian DesignationJLIE-R Burlington High School Driving PermitJQ Student Fees, Fines and ChargesJQ-E Student Fees for Burlington High SchoolJRA/JRC Student Records/Release of Information on StudentsJRA/JRC-R Student Records/Release of Information on StudentsJRA/JRC-E Student Records/Release of Information on StudentsJRCA Sharing of Student Records/Information Between School District and State AgenciesJS Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications