Section I: Instruction

IA Instructional Goals and Learning ObjectivesIB Academic FreedomIC/ICA School Year/School CalendarIE Organization of InstructionIGA Curriculum DevelopmentIGD Curriculum AdoptionIGF Curriculum ReviewIHA Basic Instructional ProgramIHAC History and Civil Government EducationIHACA Law-Related EducationIHAI Vocational-Technical EducationIHAK Character EducationIHAIA Work Experience OpportunitiesIHAM Health EducationIHAM-R Health Education (Exemption Procedure)IHAMA Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and TobaccoIHAMB Family Life/Sex EducationIHAMB-R Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure)IHAMC HIV/AIDS EducationIHAMC-R HIV/AIDS Education (Exemption Procedure)IHAQ Career/Transition-to-Work EducationIHBA Special Education/Programs for Handicapped/Disabled/Exceptional StudentsIHBD Compensatory Education (Title I)IHBC Programs for At-Risk StudentsIHBEA English as a Second LanguageIHBG Home SchoolingIHBIB Primary/Preprimary EducationIHCDA Postsecondary Options/Concurrent EnrollmentIHCDA-R Postsecondary Options/Concurrent EnrollmentIIB Class SizeIJ Instructional Resources and MaterialsIJJ Textbook Selection and AdoptionBurlington School District RE-6JIJK Supplementary Materials Selection and AdoptionIJL Library Materials Selection and AdoptionIJNDA On-Line InstructionIJNDB School Web Site PublishingIJNDB-R School Web Site PublishingIJOA Field TripsIJOA-R Field TripsIJOA-E Transportation Request, Field Trip & Excursions RequestIK Academic AchievementIKA Grading/Assessment SystemsIKA-R Grading SystemsIKAB Report Cards / Progress ReportsIKB HomeworkIKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of StudentsIKF Graduation RequirementsIKFA Early GraduationIKFB Graduation ExercisesIL Evaluation of Instructional ProgramsILBA District Program AssessmentsILBB State Program AssessmentsILBC Literacy and Reading Comprehension AssessmentsIMA Teaching MethodsIMB Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive IssuesIMBB Exemptions from Required InstructionIMDB Flag DisplaysIML Classroom Safety InstructionLibrary Media Center Internet Access & Use Policy