Section G: Personnel

GA Personnel Goals/Priority/ObjectivesGBA Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative ActionGBAA Sexual Discrimination and HarassmentGBAA-R Sexual HarassmentGBAA-E! Harassment Complaint FormGBAA-E2 Witness Disclosure FormGBB Staff Involvement in Decision MakingGBEA Staff Ethics/Conflicts of InterestGBEA-E Staff Ethics/Conflicts of InterestGBEB Staff ConductGBEBA Staff Dress CodeGBEBC Gifts to and Solicitations by StaffGBEC Drug-Free WorkplaceGBEC-E Employee Acknowledgment FormGBED Tobacco-Free WorkplaceGBEE Staff Use of District TechnologyGBEE-E Staff Use of District TechnologyGBGA Staff HealthGBGA-R Staff Health (Staff Members with HIV/AIDS)GBGAA Staff Training in Crisis Prevention & ManagementGBGAB First Aid TrainingGBGB Staff Personal Security and SafetyGBJ Personnel Records and FilesGBJA Disclosure of Information to Prospective EmployersGBK Staff Concerns/Complaints/GrievancesGBK-R Staff Concerns/Complaints/GrievancesGBK-E Grievance FormGC Professional StaffGCA Professional Staff PositionsGCB Professional Staff Contracts and CompensationGCB-E1 Probationary ContractsGCB-E2 Non-Probationary Staff ContractsGCB-E3 Principal ContractsGCB-E4 Principal Salary ScheduleGCBA Instructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary SchedulesGCBA-E Instructional Staff Salary ScheduleGCBA-E1 Substitute Pay ScheduleGCBC Professional Staff Supplementary Pay/Plans/OvertimeGCBC-E1 Extra Duty Pay ScheduleGCBC-E2 Addendum to Contract (Staff Extra Duty Assignment Contract)GCBC-E3 Activities Contract (Non-Staff Extra Duty Agreement)GCBD Professional Staff Fringe BenefitsGCBDA Certified and Classified Staff Sick and Personal LeaveGCBDA-R Staff Personal Leave and Sick LeaveGCBDB Insurance CoverageGCC Professional Staff Leaves and AbsencesGCC-R Professional Staff Leaves and Absence (Federally-Mandated Family Leave)GCC-E1 Certification of Physician or Practitioner (Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993)GCC-E2 Personal Leave Request FormGCCAB/GCCBB Instructional Staff Personal/Emergency/Legal/Religious LeaveGCCAC/GCCBC Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental LeaveGCCACC Professional Staff Extended LeaveGCCAD/GCCBD Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff Military LeaveGCE/GCF Professional Staff Recruiting/HiringGCE/GCF-R Professional Staff Recruiting/HiringGCG/GCGA Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment/Qualifications of Substitute StaffGCGB Arrangements for Professionals Staff SubstituteGCGB-E Substitute Report FormGCHA/GCHB Mentor Teachers/AdministratorsGCHC Professional Staff Induction ProgramGCI Professional Staff DevelopmentGCID Professional Staff Training, Workshops and ConferencesGCKA Professional Staff Assignments and TransfersGCKB Administrative Staff Assignments and TransfersGCL Professional Staff Schedules and CalendarsGCM Professional Staff Work LoadGCMC Parent Conferences, Staff Meetings and School MeetingsGCMD Instructional Staff Extra DutyGCOA Evaluation of Instructional StaffGCOA-E Expectations for Teacher PerformanceGCOC Evaluation of Administrative StaffGCOC-E Evaluation of Administrative Staff ReportGCQA Instructional Staff Reduction in ForceGCQA-R Instructional Staff Reduction in Force – RegulationGCQC/GCQD Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative StaffGCQF Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional StaffGCR Non-School Employment of Professional StaffGCS Professional Research and PublishingGD Support/Classified StaffGDA Support Staff PositionsCDB Support Staff Contracts and CompensationGDB-E Notice of Assignment Classified Staff EmployeeGDBA Support Staff Salary SchedulesGDBA-E1 Burlington School District RE-6J Classified Salary ScheduleGDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay/OvertimeGDBD Support Staff Fringe BenefitsGDC Certification of Physician or PractitionerGDC-R Support Staff Leaves and AbsenceGDD Support Staff Vacations and HolidaysGDE/GDF Support Staff Recruiting/HiringGDE/GDF-R Support Staff Recruiting/HiringGDG Part-Time and Substitute Staff EmploymentGDQB Resignation of Support StaffGDQD Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff