Section E: Support Servics

EA Support Services Goals / Priority ObjectivesEBAB Hazardous MaterialsEBAB-R Hazardous MaterialsEBBA Prevention of Disease / Infection TransmissionEBBA-E Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids in SchoolsEBBA-R Prevention of Disease / Infection TransmissionEBBB Incident ReportsEBBB-E Incident ReportEBCA Disaster PlansEBCB-R Safety DrillsEBCE School Closings and CancellationsEC Buildings / Grounds/ Property ManagementECAC VandalismECA/ECAB Security/Access to BuildingsECB Maintenance and Control of MaterialsEDC Authorized use of School-Owned EquipmentEEA Student TransportationEEA-R Student Transportation (Transportation Fee)EEAC Bus Scheduling and RoutingEEAC-R Bus Scheduling and RoutingEEAE School Bus Safety ProgramEEAEA Bus Driver Requirements, Training and ResponsibilitiesEEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus DriversEEAEEA-R Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus DriversEEAEC Student Conduct on School BusesEEAEC-R Student Conduct on BusesEEAEG Use of Wireless Communication Devices by Bus DriversEEAF Special Use of School BusesEEAFB Use of School Buses by Community GroupsEEAFB-R Use of School Buses by Community GroupsEEAG Student Transportation in Private VehiclesEEBA School-Owned VehiclesEEBB Use of Private Vehicles on School BusinessEEBD Business and Personal Transportation Records and ReportsEF Food ServicesEFC Free and Reduced Price Food ServicesEFC-R Free and Reduced Price Food ServicesEGAEA Public Electronic Mail ReportsEGAEA-R Monitoring Public Electronic Mail RecordsEI Insurance Program / Risk ManagementEID Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act