Section D: Fiscal Management

DA Fiscal Management GoalsDB Annual BudgetDBC Budget Planning, Preparation and SchedulesDBC-E Deadlines in Budgeting Process Set by StatueDBD Determination of Budget PrioritiesDBE/DBF Communication of Budget Recommendations / Budget Hearings and ReviewsDBG Budget AdoptionDBG-E Deadlines in Budgeting Process Set By StatuteDBGA Budget ReferendaDBH Fiscal EmergenciesDBJ Budget TransfersDC Taxing and BorrowingDD Funding Proposals, Grants and Special ProjectsDEAA Mill Levy ElectionsDFA/DFAA Revenues from Investments / Use of Surplus FundsDFC Rental and Services ChargesDFDA Free AdmissionsDG Banking Service and Deposit of FundsDGA Authorized SignaturesDH Bonded Employees and OfficersDI Fiscal Accounting and ReportingDID InventoriesDIE Audits/Financial MonitoringDJ/DJA Purchasing/Purchasing AuthorityDJB Purchasing ProceduresDJB-R Purchasing ProceduresDJE Bidding ProceduresDJG Vendor RelationsDK Payment ProceduresDKA Payroll ProceduresDKB Salary DeductionsDKC Expense Authorization/ReimbursementDM Cash in School BuildingsDN School Properties Disposition