Section C: General School

CA Administration Goals / Priority ObjectivesCA-E District Administrative PrioritiesCBA/CBC Qualifications of Superintendent / Superintendent Powers and ResponsibilitiesCBB Recruitment of SuperintendentCBD Superintendent’s ContractCBD-E Superintendent’s ContractCBE Superintendent’s Salary, Compensation and BenefitsCBF Superintendent’s ConductCBFA-E Superintendent’s EthicsCBI Evaluation of the SuperintendentCBI-R Superintendent Evaluation ToolCC Administrative OrganizationCC-R Management TeamCCA Chain of CommandCCB Line and Staff RelationsCE Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and CommitteesCF School Building AdministrationCFB Evaluation of Principals/Building AdministratorsCFB-R Evaluation of Principals/Building AdministratorsCFB-E Building Principal EvaluationCFBA Evaluation of EvaluatorsCH Policy ImplementationCHA Development of RegulationsCHB Board Review of RegulationsCHC Regulations CommunicationCHCA Handbooks and DirectivesCHD Administration in the Absence of PolicyCK Administrative Consultants