Section B: School Board

BAA Evaluation of School Board / Board Self EvaluationBB School Board Legal StatusBB-E Legal Status (School District Legal Description.BBA Board Powers and ResponsibilitiesBBAA Board Member Authority and ResponsibilitiesBBBA Board Members QualificationsBBBB Board Member Oath of OfficeBBBC Board Member ResignationBBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment / VacanciesBBBG Board ElectionsBBBG-E Director DistrictsBC School Board Member ConductBC-R School Board Member ConductBCA-E-1 Code of Ethics for School Board MembersBCA-E-2 School Board Member EthicsBCB Board Member Conflict of InterestBDA Board Organizational MeetingBDB Board OfficersBDE Board CommitteesBDF Advisory CommitteesBDFA District Personnel Performance Advisory CouncilBDFA-E District Personnel Performance Advisory CouncilBDFB Vocational Advisory CouncilBDFC Preschool CouncilBDFD District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory CouncilBE School Board MeetingsBEAA Electronic Participation in School Board MeetingsBEC Executive Sessions / Open MeetingsBEDA Notification of Board MeetingsBEDB AgendaBEDF Voting MethodBEDG MinutesBEDH Public Participation at Board MeetingsBG Board Policy DevelopmentBG-R Policy Adoption (Waiver Requests)BG-R2 Policy DisseminationBIA New Board Member OrientationBIBA Board Member Conferences, Conventions and WorkshopsBID/BIE Board Member Compensation and Expenses / InsuranceBK School Board Memberships