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1:1 Device Initiative

One of the key lessons taken away from the 20-21 school year was that learning can take place at any time and in any location. Funded in large part through Federal dollars to address device access, Burlington School District was able to purchase enough Chromebooks to equip each student from grades 5-12 with a device.

The devices are part of a 1:1 technology initiative in which students will receive a device to use for school-related purposes that enhance deeper learning activities through personalized learning instructional strategies, increased engagement and interactivity, access to educational resources, and shared learning practices. With the goal of enhancing student education, the initiative is focused on upgrading student educational experiences and adapting the classroom environment for the benefit of academic outcomes.

BSD has had technology offerings for students since 2015 with the introduction of Chromebook carts where classes could check out the resources for specific work. Following the success of these efforts, more and more Chromebook carts were purchased and filled. With the events of 20-21 behind us, it was clear that a 1:1 initiative was the logical next step. BSD is in the process of enhancing our local networks as well as our connectivity to the outside world to ensure a robust experience.

Technologies Used

The District strives to provide a robust and safe Internet experience for students. To that end, we have utilized various technologies from different vendors to ensure both a seamless and safe educational experience for all stakeholders. Some of the vendors used include: