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BMS new student registration is August 13th, 14th, and 15th. 
6th - 8th registration is on August 16th.


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  Toward the end of the school year and over the summer there have been new policies that will affect the schools.

§  IKF: GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS – 4 credits are required from this year’s incoming freshman.

§  JJI-R: RULES AND PROCEDURES FOR STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITES AND ATHLETICS AT BURLINGTON SCHOOLS – major change in the consequences; first offense: 30 calendar day suspension from all activities, second offense: 60 calendar day suspension from all activities, third offense: suspension for one year, fourth offense: suspension from all activities for the remainder of BSD RE-6J career.

§  JH: STUDENT ABSENCES AND EXCUSES –after 5 parental excused/unexcused absences the district WILL require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including a written statement from medical sources.  BHS - The school will approve five tardies per semester, including before school and after lunch that are parent initiated.  Teacher may impose consequences for the first five tardies at their discretion.  The following steps will be taken after five tardies: 1st – loss of open campus for 2 weeks, 2nd – loss of open campus for 3 weeks, etc…

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